High Achievers Share Their Stories About The "Human Side" of Smart Risk-Taking™️

    Dr. Karen Hardy, Thought Leader and trusted Advisor, sits down with Fortune 1000 company professionals and other industry influencers across the globe to share powerful stories about their RELATIONSHIP with risk-taking and how it influences their leadership abilities. What can we learn from their experiences that can help us break free from the crippling fear of risk and realize our full potential as leaders?



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    Jeff Hoffman, former Priceline.com Executive, Chairman of Global Entrepreneur Network uses a simple technique to assess his risks.


    Rick Wade grew up in a small town in SC, he understood that risk-taking was part of life and today leverage it to build strategic alliances to benefit more than 3 million businesses.

    Mark Habersack leveraged his personal risk-taking skills to create a 25+ year career in Casino Management. Listen to his story.

    Nikki Howard and Jacqi Wright's split second decision has been the difference

    between working in a cubicle and being featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine

    Despite career setbacks, Nancy Potok took risks and used her risk-taking skills to lead the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Nick Nanton was told he wasn't smart enough to study math. Today, he is a winner of multiple EMMY Awards for Mission for Good films.

    Quentin Allums was at one time homeless in college, yet has lead very successful companies and is a TEDx Speaker.

    Sean Briscombe trained with Olympic medalists. His mindset helped him embrace risk and lead others in the financial industry.

    Carolyn Williams once worked for Lords of London but carried those risk-taking lessons to the international landscape where she educates others.

    Flip This Risk®️ Podcast ⤴️ is Named a Top 50 Podcast To Listen to by Thinkers360!


    After working with and advising CEO-level professionals in the risk management field for 15+ years, I started to see a pattern when it came to discussing risk management on social media.

    I saw that a powerful perspective was missing from the conversation: The HUMAN-FACTOR behind risk-taking and how it plays out in our lives as leaders in companies and organizations.

    So I wondered: how can I make these conversations more relatable while educating others about the benefits of risk management?

    I am now bringing these true-to-life, NON TRADITIONAL conversations to the forefront (with a little humor)😁


    Dr. Hardy is the CEO of Strategic Leadership Advisors LLC. She has worked with complex multi-billion dollar organizations and has set up 'Best in Class' risk management initiatives from the ground up. You can see her full bio on LinkedIn.


    Flip This Risk® is a registered Trademark of Karen Hardy. Flip This Risk® Podcast is a service of Strategic Leadership Advisors LLC.

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